Joe´s Combo pausing while recording "Time out with
Joe´s Combo" in january 1994. From left  KG Johansson,
John Eriksson, Jan Hofverberg (below), Micke Långs
and Jan-Olof Eriksson. Photo: Jan Hofverberg.

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GUITAR & BEAT Volume 2 

Compilation of guitar groups from Sweden and Norway.   
The band have the name "Apache" and is featured with two tunes.   

Ginchy* (Weedon)   
Ram Bunk Shush* (Millinder-Glover-Munday)  

Recorded february 1990.  
Released 1991 - Triola CD04. 

GUITAR & BEAT Volume 3  
Compilation of guitar groups from Sweden and England.   
The bandname is "Joe´s Combo" for the first time.   
Three songs from the band are included.   

Venus (Ed Marshall) 
Night Cry (Woodman) 
F.B.I.* (Gormley) 

Recorded february 1990 (F.B.I.) and june 1992.   
Released april 1993 - Triola. 


1. Pulaski (Brian Bennett)   
2. Django (Mogens Petersen)    
3. Going home (Theme from Local Hero) (Mark Knopfler)  
4. Ghost train (White-Weedon)   
5. Portrait (Stanley Myers)    
6. Tomorrow´s Cancelled (Brian Bennett-Hank Marvin)  

Recorded june 1992.    
Released 1993 - Kaskad Records CD 3. 


  1. The Breeze And I (Ernesto Lecuona-Al Stillman)  
  2. Silhouette (Lars Gullin)   
  3. Johnny & Marie (KG Johansson)   
  4. Ginchy (Bert Weedon)   
  5. Saturday night (KG Johansson)   
  6. Siesta (Jan-Olof Eriksson)   
  7. Time Out (Jan-Olof Eriksson)   
  8. Wham Bam, Thank You Ma´am (KG Johansson)  
  9. Venus (Ed Marshall)   
10. Only Love (David Myhr-KG Johansson)   
11. Mustang (Jerry Lordan-Thomas Mould)   
12. Shotgun (Jon Allen)   
13. Give Me Your Love (KG Johansson)   
14. The Miracle (Norrie Paramor-Michael Carr)  
15. Western Dreams (Jan-Olof Eriksson)   
16. Down Below The Ground (KG Johansson)   
17. Night Cry (Woodman)   
18. Theme From Local Hero** (Mark Knopfler)  

Recorded january 1994. **Recorded june 1992.   
Released june 1994 - Triola TRCD 15.  

BD Hits 1 - Musik Fran Norrbottenslistan 

Compilation of local music played on the local radiostation of Norrbotten, Sweden. Joe´s Combo is featured with the song that topped the radiochart for several weeks.    

Johnny & Marie (KG Johansson)  

Recorded january 1994.    
Released december 1995 - Radio Norrbotten. 


  1. Thank You LM (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
  2. Carolina´s Theme (Jan-Olof Eriksson) 
  3. Twist Around The Strings (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
  4. Blue Dreams (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
  5. On The Track (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
  6. Night Train** (Forrest-Simpkins-Washington)  
  7. When You´re Gone (KG Johansson) 
  8. Theme From Another Imaginary Western (KG Johansson) 
  9. Pulaski** (Brian Bennett)  
10. Joseph´s Buffet (KG Johansson)  
11. I´m Sorry (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
12. Get On The Floor And Dance (KG Johansson)  
13. Going Home (Theme From Local Hero) (Mark Knopfler) 
14. Surfbored (KG Johansson)  
15. Western Sun (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
16. Tomorrow´s Cancelled** (Brian Bennett-Hank Marvin) 
17. Oh Cindy (KG Johansson)  
18. Catalina Island (KG Johansson)  
19. Django** (Mogens Petersen)  
20. Cherokee (Micke Langs)  
21. Do It (Jan-Olof Eriksson)  
22. Portrait** (Stanley Myers)  
23. Tramino Boogie (KG Johansson)  
24. Don´t Tell Me (KG Johansson)  
25. Ghost Train** (White-Weedon)  

Recorded january 1995. **Recorded june 1992.   
Released september 2000 - Rarity Records CD192628.    

All songs on the above records are recorded at Carpenter Road Studios,
School of Music in Piteå, Sweden, and engineered and mixed by Erik Nordstrom / *Lars Hallberg.
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